Product Information

About Trollbeads

Our products are 100% genuine Trollbeads. Trollbeads will fit Trollbeads sterling silver, gold, and leather bracelets or necklaces. Generally, the beads will NOT fit Pandora or Chamilia style chains.

Trollbeads Chain Sizing

How do I determine the proper bracelet size?

When measuring for bracelets, use a measuring tape and measure tightly around where your wrist is the broadest and add 2 cm or about 1 inch. This will allow enough space to add beads until your bracelet is full.

Be aware that the smallest bracelet (5.5 inch / 14 cm) is very small and intended for a child, while the largest bracelet (9.8 inch / 25 cm) is extremely long.

The length shown on a product listing (bracelet or necklace) is the total length of the item once you have attached a clasp. However, CLASPS are sold SEPARATELY.

Trollbeads Chain Quality

The chain sold in Doranella Store is the 1st edition Trollbeads Foxtail chain manufactured in Germany. The chain has a 925 stamp for Sterling Silver chain or a 14K stamp for gold chain on the edge of the large jump ring.

The chain is 3mm square and the 1st edition Trollbeads chains are known as some of the best quality ever produced. The weight of the chain is heavier than the Trollbeads bracelets produced today. Therefore, the chain we are offering is highly collectible and sought after.

Novobeads clasps works with the Trollbeads Chain

Click to see a list of Novobeads clasps that works with the Trollbeads chain design.

Cleaning Instructions

 Use a dry, soft silver polishing cloth. Do NOT use silver polish or any harsh chemicals. Chemicals found in pools, hot tubs, polishes, or salt water will adversely affect the oxidation in the silver. To clean your cubic zirconia or semi-precious stone beads, we suggest using a small amount of liquid dish washing detergent and water.


Please note that our shipment does not include and gift wrapping or packaging. This product is shipped in the same small plastic bag that the manufacturing facility delivered the product in (to protect against tarnishing).